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It’s been taken for granted that as we age, we shrink. But, in one of the biggest projects to date, coming from the University of California, Harvard and Peking University found that certain lifestyle choices had a large impact on height loss. Shrinkage mainly occurs in the spine. Bone density decreases as we age, as […]

A condition like high blood pressure is sneaky. You don’t feel it, and it generally doesn’t cause any outward signs or symptoms. Yet it silently damages blood vessels, the heart, kidneys, and other organs. High blood pressure — also known as hypertension — isn’t a disease. It is a sign that something is wrong in […]

You can start a fitness program, or continue being active, without spending a lot of money. These budget-friendly approaches will help you increase your physical activity, build strength and burn calories for little or no cost: 1. Trade the gym for your home or workplace. By moving activity to your everyday environment, you gain time […]

Many people look upon massage as an indulgence that is simply not necessary, I have to admit that I enjoy getting a massage every few weeks and I feel it when I don’t. Most massage styles have miraculous healing powers and a good massage can have a plethora of benefits for the body-relaxation not withstanding. […]

Too often, women and their healthcare practitioners think weight loss is all about cutting calories and exercising more. But I know several women who’ve tried these avenues with no success. The majority of women are genuinely trying to do everything “right” for their health. They exercise regularly, eat well, take their supplements, and so on. […]

Fat, although systematically proven useful to the human body, is not only gotten through an excess of food, you need to be incredibly non-moving, too! If you’re overly fat, you’re obese, no bones about it (pun intended) and you do indeed have a disease. It can sneak right up on you like a homicidal maniac. […]

Exercising after meals can help promote weight loss by boosting hormones that suppress appetite, say scientists from the UK. Thanks to these hormones, active people feel less hungry immediately after exercise, and this carries through to their next meal, experiments suggest. Even when their meals were bigger, athletic people gained fewer calories overall because they […]

Calves are the bane of my existence. Actually, lots of women are concerned with their calves. Mine are skinny. I work them like crazy and they’re still skinny. I ran track in High School AND in college. They never grew any bigger. Whenever I try on boots, it looks like I’m trying on my mother’s […]

I had to take this week off because once again, my knees were acting up. I don’t know about you, but as an athlete, I expect my body to respond the way I want it to–to lift what I want to lift, run how far I want to run and NOT break down. Unfortunately, I’ve […]

I had some friends visiting LA last week.  At dinner, we were discussing how they had been losing and gaining weight and what worked for them.  They’re both very pretty women over 50.  What I heard was, besides keeping their physical training up,  when they truly  concentrated on what they ate, they lost weight!   Gee….REALLY?! […]

I finished doing the nutritional breakdowns for the over 100 recipes I have in my new, as yet to be published, cookbook.  This is a labor of love, as it’s incredibly tedious.  Like looking in a pile of bubbles for a contact lens.   Writing a cookbook, for me, is so much fun.  Experimenting with food, […]

I was watching the Today Show this morning and the subject of exercise for women came up.  It seems there was a new study (Great…YET another one!) that tells us that women, especially over 40, need to exercise for an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY! I’m sure there was a collective “Gasp!” from every woman in […]

I got an email the other day from a friend of mine from Toastmasters.  Attached was a small “e-book” touting secrets to getting in shape and never having to diet again.   “Wow,” I thought.  This guy’s gonna put all the health experts, fitness trainers and nutritionists out of business!  Why even bother having a website […]

Not all personal trainers are alike.  OK, that’s not really a secret, but I’ll tell you something that is.  You can become a certified personal trainer in one weekend.  Yup.  Take a weekend course, pass a test and you’re in! Frightening thought, isn’t it? I was talking to my big brother, Mark, today and we […]

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while.  It’s been a subject of discussion for years.  The famous book, Sugar Blues, came out in 1975 and was at the forefront of nutrition.  Sugar has been found to be more addicting than cocaine and is even more deadly than fat when it comes to […]

I was at my gym today, happily moving weights around and working up a sweat.    I was working my back and wanted to work the lower area a little and I really like the low back machine there.  So, I sauntered over and there, sitting on the machine and occasionally pushing herself back was […]

Everyone’s talking about health insurance.  And who can blame them?  The costs for seeing doctors, hospitalization and medicine are through the roof!  But in my opinion, the views on this hot topic are very short sighted.  Healthcare should start BEFORE there is illness and disease.  Why are we concentrating on companies when we should put […]

Well…aerobic activity does.  I’ve been reading up on how exercise affects the body.  Besides the obvious changes in muscle density and fat ratio, it seems that high intensity aerobic exercise increases blood flow to the muscles and more importantly, helps to create new neurons and connections in the brain! A recent study done at the […]

I recently made a speech with this name and it got such a rowsing response, I thought I’d share it with you.  Now, realize this is the original written speech.  Any good orator goes “off book” once they memorize it and goes with the flow, but the jist of it is here.  Let me know […]

I got back from San Francisco last night.  Bobby drove both ways, the sweetheart, so I could relax, make sure I knew what points I wanted to make and just take in the scenery.  It was Route 5, so there wasn’t much to see besides the occasional cow, oil pump and fast food joint.  BUT, […]

It’s a holiday weekend.  I actually have clients each day, but it’s not nearly as busy as usual, as everyone wants to be done before it gets hot and before their company gets there.  I’m happy about that! It gives me a chance to catch up on some writing and house cleaning. I’m not a […]

It’s Monday morning, August 24th and I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog.  My boyfriend, Bobby, moved in over the weekend and I’ve been “nesting” in prep for his arrival. You’re asking what the HECK this has to do with the title of the blog, aren’t you?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Bobby’s in the restaurant […]

It was a quiet Sunday, yesterday. I got back from my morning clients and the gym, had lunch and discovered a “Rocky” marathon on TV.  I watched the end of Rocky I and the entire RockyII movie.  (Personally, I think these two were the best of the bunch.  Sly looks VERY good in these!) Anyway, […]

Actually, I just told you.  It really IS calories in-calories out!  Most people think they eat less than they do and that 20 minutes of cardio will allow them an extra 3 martinis.  WRONG!!  You’d be surprised at how much we REALLY eat! Now, that being said, the type of calories do make a difference.  […]