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A new study published by the National Institute of Health that gathered info from numerous studies, makes it clear that the over 40 crowd should be doing anaerobic exercise – high-intensity running, cycling or swimming rather than standard, long, slow cardio. Granted, those over 65 might not be able to do heavy duty sprinting or […]

I finished doing the nutritional breakdowns for the over 100 recipes I have in my new, as yet to be published, cookbook.  This is a labor of love, as it’s incredibly tedious.  Like looking in a pile of bubbles for a contact lens.   Writing a cookbook, for me, is so much fun.  Experimenting with food, […]

I was watching the Today Show this morning and the subject of exercise for women came up.  It seems there was a new study (Great…YET another one!) that tells us that women, especially over 40, need to exercise for an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY! I’m sure there was a collective “Gasp!” from every woman in […]

Well…aerobic activity does.  I’ve been reading up on how exercise affects the body.  Besides the obvious changes in muscle density and fat ratio, it seems that high intensity aerobic exercise increases blood flow to the muscles and more importantly, helps to create new neurons and connections in the brain! A recent study done at the […]

I don’t have the knees I did 20 years ago.  I used to be able to run 6 miles almost every day and be fine.  Years of playing tennis, weight lifting and wearing heels have had its affect on my joints.  I have to be really careful and work smarter at my cardio. I went […]

I had to get yoga blocks for a client today.  So, I went into the local Sports Chalet.  In West LA, it’s a HUGE store!  I took 3 steps inside and looked around.  to the left was the golf section.  184 different drivers (All right-handed.  I”m lefty which makes me NUTS!). Straight ahead was…well…dresses.  Wha????  […]

I was on the phone with a really close friend of mine last night.  I”m keeping her name out of this, as she’s also a fitness trainer.  She’s a few years (OK…10!) younger than I am, but she was stressing about her weight.  We talked about how our clients look to us to be the […]

I was a real sports slug this Sunday.  I watched the beginning of the men’s final for the Australian Open tennis match from noon to three  and TiVo’d the rest while I watched the Superbowl.  Then I watched the rest of the match afterwards. It was interesting to watch the pre-match and pre-game portion of […]

I’m dedicating today’s missive to my BFF, Cathleen.  She pointed out something very important in regards to what I wrote the other day about people running outside with no music.  My point was that they aren’t out for very long, according to them, and that music allows you to be out longer because one isn’t […]

I mean that literally.  I was driving home from my last client today, grateful for the rain.  Heck, it’s Southern California…I’ve used my umbrella 4 times this past year.  I noticed there were some die-hard runners and walkers out there, determined to get their mileage in.  What are they postmen?!  Neither rain nor sleet nor […]