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How to keep motivated when you’re tired, stressed and cranky Yes, this happens to me. It’s OK to admit you don’t feel like exercising. There are days when I have clients, articles to write, companies to visit and a dog to walk. I get up at 5 am and don’t finish until 8pm. Would YOU […]

Supplements that improve mood I’ve never been considered a pessimist. Or a downer. But there are days where I wake up cranky. I don’t know why, it just happens. It might be hormones, it might be gas. There’s no telling. The good news is that I can take one of many naturally occurring supplements that […]

A condition like high blood pressure is sneaky. You don’t feel it, and it generally doesn’t cause any outward signs or symptoms. Yet it silently damages blood vessels, the heart, kidneys, and other organs. High blood pressure — also known as hypertension — isn’t a disease. It is a sign that something is wrong in […]

Many people look upon massage as an indulgence that is simply not necessary, I have to admit that I enjoy getting a massage every few weeks and I feel it when I don’t. Most massage styles have miraculous healing powers and a good massage can have a plethora of benefits for the body-relaxation not withstanding. […]

Too often, women and their healthcare practitioners think weight loss is all about cutting calories and exercising more. But I know several women who’ve tried these avenues with no success. The majority of women are genuinely trying to do everything “right” for their health. They exercise regularly, eat well, take their supplements, and so on. […]

I was at my gym today, happily moving weights around and working up a sweat.    I was working my back and wanted to work the lower area a little and I really like the low back machine there.  So, I sauntered over and there, sitting on the machine and occasionally pushing herself back was […]

What makes us stop writing?  Why do we get SO excited about sharing thoughts, emotions, recipes, events and other miscellaneous life happenings, then just let it go? For me, it was stress.  My boyfriend was out of work for a few months and that put the responsibility on me to bring in enough money to […]