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Info Snacks – Prior

What could be better than fresh guacamole for watching sporting events? Or movies? Or catching up on your favorite TV shows? Or putting in an omelet? OK, you get the idea. Recently, Alan, my fabulous boyfriend, showed up with about 30 fresh avocados picked from the trees of his friends. Avocados are a fruit, which […]

This is an article sent to me from my brother, Mark, Director of the Heart and Vascular Institute, Upper Chesapeake Health System Vegans are less able to process the chemical, study says April 08, 2013 Saturated fats and cholesterol may not be the sole cause of cardiac problems in steak aficionados—researchers have identified a chemical […]

What the heck is a cufonut? Well, it’s a cupcake made out of a fonut recipe. Sue me, I don’t own a donut pan, just cupcake pans, so I used them to bake this recipe. Trust me, they’re just as good! After attending last week’s Best Buy event and writing about it (check my last […]

As many of you know, I don’t do a lot of sugar. But sometimes, after dinner, a like a little something sweet with my tea. I found the original recipe on the Daily Meal last year, but it had a lot more sugar and frosting stuff on it. I was getting a sugar high just […]

Welcome to the first of my monthly-ish newsletters! (figure every 3-4 weeks for now). My goal is to give you information on fitness and food that you can use and live with. I’ll be covering one subject that stands out for me as well as offering you a recipe that I’m fond of and that’s […]

By Rona Lewis Photos by Cathy Arkle Back fat. I don’t want it on me; I don’t want it in my food. Unfortunately, this week, we didn’t have much choice. We were learning about Charcuterie or prepared and cooked meats primarily from swine including sausage, pate and terrines. What makes all these dishes taste the […]

The 4th Annual Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival was in full swing as I sauntered into the Grand Tasting Tent on Saturday April 30, 2011. I had been to food and wine festivals before, but this one seemed bigger and more impressive than any of them. Driscoll’s Berries was in very good company, being […]

I’ve heard of dog breeders and cat breeders. There’s even an Indie rock band called The Breeders. But breeding berries?!? Who knew?! That was my initial reaction when meeting Dr. Philip Stewart, Driscoll’s principal scientist and strawberry breeder. I had been invited up to visit Driscoll’s research farm at the Cassin Ranch in Watsonville, California, […]

Bobby’s family came up to visit last weekend. More specifically, his cousins and his 94 year old aunt. And guess who was making brunch?! I wanted to do something a little different than just bagels and omelets-although Bobby DID make some lovely ones for them with tomatoes, basil, mozzarella cheese and sausage. (I had egg […]

Drink tea? Always make sure to squeeze your teabag. You’ll release twice as many anti-oxidants into your hot water. Tweet

Always eat breakfast! People who do live longer than morning meal skippers. Make it healthy with whole grains and lean protein like egg whites. Tweet

Happy Chanukah! Easy on the latkes and donuts-fill up with applesauce! Ok-and a slice of brisket… Tweet

Already have MY cookbook? Then check out Get In The Kitchen Bit@hes! It’s hysterical, irreverant and delicious! Go to www.bitchcooks.com. Go get it, Bit@h!! Tweet

Thank you all so much for my half-a-hundred birthday wishes! I don’t feel a day over 49! Tweet

Don’t beat yourself up! The average American eats about 3,000 calories at Thanksgiving. Eat lightly today and normally after that-your weight will go back down. Tweet

Happy Thanksgiving-don’t waste calories on food you don’t really love. if it’s just OK, why eat it? Save the calories to enjoy on your favorite things! Tweet

Be realistic about weight loss! Don’t expect to lose 8 lbs a week. A pound  is 3500 calories. Aim for 1lb a week.. You’ll still be able to enjoy yourself! Tweet

Next tip-don’t “measure” health by your size. Make it about being healthier than fitting into smaller jeans and THAT will happen naturally, anyway! Tweet

New tips for holiday eating! Tip for today-“Just This Once” never is. Choose your cheats wisely and save them for once ot twice a week… Tweet

I made the regional semifinals for the Aetna Insurance/Culinary Institute of America’s Healthy Recipe Contest! Watch me cook at the Pomona Fairgrounds 11/13!! Tweet

Another tip-2 or more servings of brown rice per week lowers risk by 11%. The fiber stabilizes blood sugar better than white rice! Tweet

Munching on ounce of peanuts a day has been shown to reduce the odds of getting diabetes by 21%. High protein and fiber! Tweet

1/2 teasppon a day of cinnamon has been shown to help keep blood sugar levels even. It’s also an anti-inflammatory. Add some to your morning coffee! Tweet

A glass of low fat milk per day (with cereal counts!) lowers diabetes risk by close to 44 percent! Tweet