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Recently, I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the extension of Germany’s biggest selling spice company, Just Spices, (www.justspices.com) here in the US. They specialize in blends-really original blends to make your life easier. They had a bunch of sample foods there and I fell in love with their Pancake Blend. (I had […]

I’m known for my good eating habits. (thank you Captain Obvious). But being a foodie and having gone to cooking school, I can’t be good ALL the time! And neither can you!! I found this recipe in a recent Food and Wine magazine that my friend Cathy Arkle gave me. Many of you know her […]

It might seem like an oxymoron when someone like me lives a healthy lifestyle and still considers herself to be a “foodie.” But I do love good food and always allow myself to eat ALL kinds of food (in moderation, of course), especially when it’s re-engineered to be healthier. Donuts are a perfect example of […]

As many of you know, I don’t do a lot of sugar. But sometimes, after dinner, a like a little something sweet with my tea. I found the original recipe on the Daily Meal last year, but it had a lot more sugar and frosting stuff on it. I was getting a sugar high just […]

I had to miss last week’s class because of a keynote speech I was hired to give. The class was all about buying and cooking fresh, local foods. My friend, Cathy, told me all about it. You can read her version of the class at http://www.cathyarkle.com/shepaused4thought/farmer-market-treasures/. Chef Carol had everyone meet at the Wednesday Santa […]

Photos by Cathy Arkle This is the last week of learning for my Pro Chef Level 1 course and appropriately enough, like finishing a fine meal, we made desserts of all kinds. Dessert sauces can take a basic cake to a higher level. We learned all the main types of sauces that are used. They’re […]

My brother, Todd, always loves anything with banana in it. Of course, his wife doesn’t really cook, so I wanted to make something that HE could make and that was healthy so that he, his wife and kids could eat it without guilt. They live in the south, so they’re hard pressed to find anything […]

According to my credentials, I’m a fitness coach and healthy chef-so let me start out by telling you some healthy facts about chocolate. Chocolate is healthiest at its darkest. Dark chocolate has less cocoa butter, sugar and chocolate liquor in it. It also has lots of antioxidants which help rid the body of free radicals, […]

I looked at the last recipe I posted here, and it contained carbs.  Of course, it was about 3 weeks ago, so that shows you how often I eat them….but at least the Paella recipe was a healthier version-just like this Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe is much healthier than the original, which I found in […]