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The Funny, healthy cookbook with over 100 low fat/low carb recipes that your family will love!

“Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?” is a must for anyone who wants to cook healthy food that’s flavorful and easy and who wants to giggle while they do it! Most of the recipes take less than an hour to prepare. There are many that are simple enough to help those beginner cooks to amp up their cooking skills and there are more involved dishes that the experienced cook can work with and change at will!

And that’s not all! This cookbook has personality…BIG personality and includes original features such as: Herbs and their Health Benefits: nutritional breakdown of each recipe and superfoods and how they help your body. “Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat” has well-tested, original and re-engineered recipes that will make the reader feel proud cooking and eating. It will become a go-to cookbook for a lifetime of fast, easy and (mostly) healthy living. To learn more visit www.doesthiscookbookmakemelookfat.com.

Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat
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Over 100 Yummy, Low Fat/Low Carb Recipes Perfect For All Your Entertaining Needs!

Do you love to entertain, but hate the thought of planning it? Love to cook for friends and family, but don’t have those “extra-special” recipes that aren’t fried or covered in cream sauce? Having the boss over for dinner and want to impress them with your wine knowledge? Rona can help!

Hosting any kind of party or get together can be a daunting task—but Rona lets you keep your cool and laugh out loud while showing you how to prepare for it-from the perfect set up to party-worthy, healthy hor d’oeuvres and main courses. She even gives you wine pairings to impress your guests with the help of her wine expert friends! You’ll have the perfect evening and still be able to fit into your little black dress!

Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat, Volume 2
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