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At PlayMore Corporate Well-Being, where Rona is the CEO, our goal is to move beyond ordinary corporate wellness programs to impact employee minds and bodies in such a way that productivity is ignited – and your company is transformed.

We customize company wellness programs into “well-being programs”, specializing in workplace stress reduction and burnout, while increasing creativity and productivity.

Companies that encourage their employees to make healthier lifestyle choices reap long-term benefits in the form of lower healthcare costs, sick time and disability. By making employee wellness a standard, companies see increased employee retention and productivity.
Corporate wellness is so much more than just a gym membership and healthy lunches. Well-being is a culture that can impact employee morale, retention, and most important, your company’s bottom line.

How it works
We create customized programs to fit your company’s objectives, staff size and short-term and long-term goals.

Yes, we address the physical aspects of wellness, as any wellness company should, but we know that mental burnout can be just as destructive. Stress, exhaustion and burnout can sap creativity, problem-solving and morale…and that affects productivity and the bottom line.

Each company starts with a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) for each employee. This helps us to know their “starting point.” From there, we customize your programs to fit your employees’ needs and company goals.

The PlayMore plan is based on helping each individual employee determine personal lifestyle and fitness goals while helping the company to provide a more healthful environment.

Personal Wellness Goals component can include:

Providing focus for health-related goal setting
Setting and reaching personal physical fitness goals
Making lifestyle changes
Increasing creativity and reducing stress

Company-Wide Well-being components can include:

Team building exercises and challenges weekly and monthly
Imagination Breaks to facilitate creativity
Daily Stress-Breaks by a PlayMore expert
Weekly informational and motivational emails
Seminars and other education opportunities

All this produces cohesiveness within employee ranks and encourages company loyalty.


Studies repeatedly demonstrate that comprehensive work site health promotion programs, or Corporate Wellness Programs:

Lowered health care and insurance costs
Enhanced performance, productivity and morale
Decreased absenteeism
Improved ability to attract and retain key personnel
Provided greater employee allegiance
Improved public image of the company

1”The Health & Economic Implications of Worksite Wellness Programs” American Institute of Preventative Medicine, 2010; www.healthylife.com

According to a Gallup Poll, 80 percent of employees suffer from workplace stress, with nearly 40 percent reporting they need help in managing their stress. High stress levels at work also lead to job burnout, reduction in productivity, ill health, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and increased turnover.

The American Psychological Association estimates that 60 percent of all absences are due to stress-related issues, costing employers more than $57 billion a year. Workers reporting themselves as “stressed” incur health care costs that are 46 percent higher than other employees.