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Eating habits over 50

I had some friends visiting LA last week.  At dinner, we were discussing how they had been losing and gaining weight and what worked for them.  They’re both very pretty women over 50.  What I heard was, besides keeping their physical training up,  when they truly  concentrated on what they ate, they lost weight!   Gee….REALLY?!

People, this is not brain surgery.  What you eat is 80% of what you look like.  The words “but I like it!” will only serve to help you gain weight.  While I allow my clients a cheat day, they’re diligent the rest of the week.  If you eat out a lot and feel you ‘need’ to splurge because you’re out on the town, stop complaining about how much you need to lose.  I don’t want to hear it.   Between your cocktail, fancy onion rings and dessert, you’re adding a full day’s worth of calories right there.

Studies have shown that we eat more when we’re with friends on a night out and tend to order just like they do, to be part of the crowd.  Well, I say, “Be different!”  If you eat well and be the leader of the pack, perhaps everyone who’s with you will do the same.  Think of it this way…you’ll be helping THEM to lose those extra pounds by making smart choices when ordering.

I will tell you this, as important as making healthy choices when eating….healthy veggies and fruits, lean proteins and strategically placed whole grain carbs (read eat at breakfast and lunch only),  working with weights is even more important at this age.

There was a new study that came out that shows working with heavier weights is actually better for you structurally and metabolically than using light weights with tons of reps.  You need to sweat and aerobics won’t keep you toned the way working out with weights and machines will. For you women, I PROMISE, you won’t end up all bulky and big-muscled.  You don’t have enough testosterone for that.  And you guys….20 minutes of cardio with another 20 of weights won’t do it when you suck down 5 bourbons or a 6 pack of beer along with chips and dip.  It bothers us when you have a gut like that.  We tell you it doesn’t, but we’re lying.  Work on that, will ya?

Bottom line is that when you’re over 50,  you have to make time for the gym….at least 3 times a week.  After skipping 72 hours of lifting, your muscles start to atrophy.  And you should do that much of interval training for cardio, as well.  It’s not hard, you can make the time.  You’d be surprised how incorporating this into your lifestyle will help make your other responsibilities easier and your concentration keener.

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