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Fish Oil is a Fish Story

Yes, it’s true! My brother, Mark, just sent me an article from one of his hospital periodicals and I want to share the information with you. For years, you’ve been hearing how fish oil (specifically Omega 3s) is great for your heart. According to a study that was just published in the May 9th edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, not so much!

This is one of the largest trials ever performed on fish oils, and it comes from Italy. There were over 800 participating primary-care physicians and over 12 500 patients. These patients were at high risk for heart disease—about 60% had diabetes, 70% had hypercholesterolemia—but none of them had ever actually had a heart attack.

Half had a placebo (which was basically olive oil) and half were given the fish oil supplements. The follow up came 5 years later. And GUESS what they found? No difference. Nothing.

So, you can stop taking it. My brother has a theory about why it was first believed that fish oil was a good preventative for heart disease-if you’re eating fish, you’re NOT eating red meat! And unsaturated fats will ALWAYS be better for you than saturated ones, so the simple act of eating less red meat helps your heart. That and cardio workouts,, of course!Fish Oil Capsules

Do that, then.

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