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Fitness Coaching

Getting a healthy body requires more than just lifting a few weights and giving up your daily brownie and milk habit. (Although I do let you have that every so often!) Those little modifications I have you incorporate into your life will make a BIG change—that is if you follow through. See, I can’t do it alone. This is a partnership. If you’re tired of how you look, how you feel and want that energy and drive (and butt) you USED to have, I can help you get there.

My programs are specifically designed to enhance strength, energy, balance and increase muscle tone while decreasing body fat and reducing stress. Not only do I keep my clients motivated to train, I give them nutritional advice they can live with. And have I mentioned I’m really funny? Did you read the “About Rona” page? Go back—you’ll see.
Before I start with anyone, I have a complimentary one-on-one pow-wow with them where we both ask questions of each other. I’m not for everyone. As a transplanted New Yorker, I’m straightforward and I make you work. No fluff here

Contact Rona for more information or to set up a consultation.