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Professional Speaking

Do you really want a “know it all” for a speaker?

Rona is CEO of PlayMore Corporate Wellbeing-a revolutionary wellness company that believes playing better means working better and stressing less. You need to see their website! www.PlayMoreCW.com

When it comes to corporate well-being and living a balanced life, you should! Rona is one of the few in this business with life experience on both sides of the desk. A former VP of sales for a media rep firm, she made her passion her profession and pursued a career in fitness and health.

When it comes to making profound change in the workplace, Rona is a leading expert on increasing creativity, with innovative tools that bring out her audience’s “inner child!” Stress levels and that sense of overwhelm decrease, all while giving listeners that sense of fun and inspiration.

Most Popular Keynote Presentation:
Stress and Creativity-A User’s Guide
Unlocking creativity to maximize company growth. Stress and creativity can’t live in the same head at the same time. They’re opposites on the productivity scale and in THIS case, opposites definitely DON’T attract! This can be a serious issue when it comes to problem-solving.

Sought After Presentations:

Getting to the F**K THIS!! State of Mind
The real secret to breaking through and getting important projects completed.

3 Little Words That Can Change Your Life
What every highly successful entrepreneur knows that you should too!

You Really ARE What You Eat!!
How what we put in our bodies stops us from reaching our potential.

The 10 Areas of Wellbeing
Based on PlayMore’s Wellbeing Wheel, Learn the right tools for allowing your employees to be more productive, empowered, confident, playful and happy.

Her irreverent, edgy style will keep your audience on their toes and before they know it, they’ve learned
something! She’s available for keynotes, interactive workshops, lunch and learns and seminars worldwide.

Rona’s talks are perfect for…

• Advertising Agencies
• Corporations
• Business and Professional Groups
• Entrepreneurs
• Civic Groups
• Health & Wellness Industry
• Schools, Universities, Colleges

See her in action here! or even here!