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Snap Out Of It! Supplements That Improve Your Mood.

VitaminsSupplements that improve mood

I’ve never been considered a pessimist. Or a downer. But there are days where I wake up cranky. I don’t know why, it just happens. It might be hormones, it might be gas. There’s no telling. The good news is that I can take one of many naturally occurring supplements that will put me in a better mood before I know it. You can find any of them at most GNC and Vitamin Shoppe stores.

Vitamin C – You need vitamin C to make two important ‘happy’ brain chemicals, norepinephrine and serotonin. It’s easy to get this from foods, if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

5-MTHF – This B vitamin is the biologically active form of folic acid and 5-MTHF is worth hunting down. It helps make happy brain chemicals. Why not just take folic acid? Because many people have a genetic problem turning folic acid into 5-MTHF and so they become deficient.

GABA – A brain neurotransmitter that helps us relax. Deficiencies of GABA could lead to trouble coping, feeling anxious, stressed out or depressed. I take one before I go to bed on the nights where I can’t “turn my brain off.” You have these, don’t you? We all do.

Tyrosine and Iodine – These substances help you make thyroid hormone and low thyroid is a common overlooked cause for depression.

Eleuthero extract – This adaptogenic herb helps the body cope with stress, while improving concentration and feelings of well-being. I take 2 capsules every morning to help with physical as well as mental stress.

Progeseterone – Natural cream versions (sold OTC) may lift depression if it’s related to estrogen dominance (progesterone deficiency). Apply only if you have been tested and found to have a deficiency. Many perimenopausal and menopausal women have this issue.

Vitamin D – People with depression or SAD (seasonal affective disorder) are usually deficient in vitamin D. This is another supplement I take in the morning. Most women are deficient in this vitamin.

5-HTP – Your body converts this to serotonin, a happy brain chemical. You can take this morning or night. I take this a lot, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day. It doesn’t take a long time to get into your system.

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