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Every so often, I get a wonderful perk from a company that would like me to “test-drive” their products. Last week it was some great chocolate. (I’ll tell you about that in my next post). A while ago, Larry Kandarian from Kandarian Organic Farms sent me a whole big box of his amazing organic ancient […]

Like so many other foodies who cook, I collect cookbooks to get inspiration from and just find good stuff to make. Recently, I revisited a huge set of cookbooks I have. They’re literally huge, I think they’re about 18″ high and 12″ wide. The books are a series called “The Beautiful Cookbook.” This one is […]

There was a knock on my door the other night. As I looked through my peephole, I saw my neighbor, Jessica, holding a bowling ball size plastic bag of peaches and plums. She and her husband grew up here in West Los Angeles and both sets of parents have fruit trees in their back yard. […]

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of the same recipes over and over again. With the July 4th festivities this past weekend, I was overcome with barbeque sauce, grilled…well….EVERYTHING and enough bean and tomato salads to last until November. I was ready for something different. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE grilled […]

Guilt comes in many forms, doesn’t it?  Health-wise, you can cheat on your workouts, cheat on your mileage and the biggest one….cheating on your food. (notice I didn’t say “diet?”  I HATE that word!) As an advocate of the lower carb lifestyle, I only have the occasional dinner that includes starchy carbs.  When I don’t […]

There was a “chef’s challenge” this past week on View From The Bay, the afternoon TV show in San Francisco on which  I do the occasional segment.  We had to cook a main dish that was $3 or less per serving.   Michael Stevens, my wonderful friend and segment producer, LOVES Chicken Pot Pie.  So, when […]

When I was living in New York, we used to go to an amazing steak house called Peter Luger’s.  It’s at the base of  the bridge in Brooklyn.  Those “in the know” wouldn’t even take a menu.  They’d just order “Steak for two” or “Steak for three.”  That’s as complicated as it got.  The meat […]

I just came back from my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah in North Carolina.  What an ordeal!  And THAT was just the trip East!  First, my brother Todd emails me and tells me it’s been 40 degrees there.  Great.  Let’s leave LA, where it’s sunny and 60 mid-winter, to go to the South where it’s SUPPOSED to […]

When I go out to eat, I very rarely get anything I can make at home because I can usually make it better.  Well, Friday night I took my date to one of my favorite LA restaurants.  Prizzi’s Piazza.  Without making this seem like a commercial, there’s really nothing at this restaurant that I don’t […]