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I was at my monthly Saturday dinner this past weekend.  This is a gathering of friends who all cook dishes related to the theme that the hosts think up.  This past month was Favorite Dishes Your Mom Made in honor of Mother’s Day.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll see my comments […]

There was a “chef’s challenge” this past week on View From The Bay, the afternoon TV show in San Francisco on which  I do the occasional segment.  We had to cook a main dish that was $3 or less per serving.   Michael Stevens, my wonderful friend and segment producer, LOVES Chicken Pot Pie.  So, when […]

It was a whirlwind few weeks that just passed.  Between going home for the Passover holiday where everything either has 9 million calories or buckets of carbs, then coming back to LA, only to have a big Easter dinner with my honey’s family (not like I said NO to the delicious food or anything!) I’ve […]

At least food-wise, you can’t.  I just got back from a trip to New York.  Long Island, actually.  I grew up there and my parents still live in the same house.  THAT is a story in and of itself.  My Mom, as many of you know, is a very good cook.  However, the challenge I […]

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while.  It’s been a subject of discussion for years.  The famous book, Sugar Blues, came out in 1975 and was at the forefront of nutrition.  Sugar has been found to be more addicting than cocaine and is even more deadly than fat when it comes to […]

What makes us stop writing?  Why do we get SO excited about sharing thoughts, emotions, recipes, events and other miscellaneous life happenings, then just let it go? For me, it was stress.  My boyfriend was out of work for a few months and that put the responsibility on me to bring in enough money to […]

If you read my Facebook page, you know that it’s raining cats and dogs here in LA and I”m taking the opportunity to create a couple of recipes.  Quite a few of my friends made it obvious they would love to know how they turned out.  Actually, they’re terrific and I’m happy to share them […]

Everyone’s talking about health insurance.  And who can blame them?  The costs for seeing doctors, hospitalization and medicine are through the roof!  But in my opinion, the views on this hot topic are very short sighted.  Healthcare should start BEFORE there is illness and disease.  Why are we concentrating on companies when we should put […]

I recently made a speech with this name and it got such a rowsing response, I thought I’d share it with you.  Now, realize this is the original written speech.  Any good orator goes “off book” once they memorize it and goes with the flow, but the jist of it is here.  Let me know […]

This is a reprint of an article my brother, Mark, sent me the other day.  “Blog about it!” he told me.  Because I cook so much and talk and write about healthy foods, he wanted me to spread the word.  Paraphrasing it just wouldn’t do it justice, so I”m copying and pasting it below.  Be […]

I”m working with my branding coach, Wendy Newman and my publicist, Jill Daniel, to organize a gathering of Los Angeles Moms who want to learn some new recipes and ideas for feeding their kids. Now, giving a cooking lesson to a group of 10 or a group of 1000 isn’t my problem.  As you all […]

My boyfriend, Bobby, and I like to go out for a treat every so often. We both love frozen yogurt and these shops seem to be popping up everywhere! First the excitement was about Pinkberry, which to me seems like frozen sour cream.  Then all these others followed suit…Yogurtland, Penguins, Frogo,  Frogurt,  Froplay, Twist, and […]

Eating pasta might seem impossible on a low carb diet. But there are ways to enjoy this carbohydrate-rich food that will keep blood sugar from spiking, keep full and give the taste satisfaction that only pasta can. I will show how and when to eat it and which type of pasta is best when choosing […]

I got back from San Francisco last night.  Bobby drove both ways, the sweetheart, so I could relax, make sure I knew what points I wanted to make and just take in the scenery.  It was Route 5, so there wasn’t much to see besides the occasional cow, oil pump and fast food joint.  BUT, […]

It’s Monday morning, August 24th and I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog.  My boyfriend, Bobby, moved in over the weekend and I’ve been “nesting” in prep for his arrival. You’re asking what the HECK this has to do with the title of the blog, aren’t you?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Bobby’s in the restaurant […]

Actually, I just told you.  It really IS calories in-calories out!  Most people think they eat less than they do and that 20 minutes of cardio will allow them an extra 3 martinis.  WRONG!!  You’d be surprised at how much we REALLY eat! Now, that being said, the type of calories do make a difference.  […]

I just had an article emailed to me from my friend, James Franklin.  For those of you who have my cookbook, he’s the photographer and graphics genius who made me and the book look fabulous.  Anyway, the article is frim Time magazine and it’s entitled “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.”  It’s 7 pages long […]

I told you guys how I started testing and working on my next cookbook, right?  Man!  It’s hard when I’m working on recipes that serve anywhere from 4 to 8 and I’m living by myself!  Ok, I have a cat, but he’s a little hard pressed to hold a fork, no less comment on the […]

Yes, I”m back in the kitchen, working on some recipes for my next cookbook for entertaining guests.   Too often, we forget about eating healthy when there’s a party and the next morning we get on the scale and find that we’ve gained 3 pounds from all the starch and salt from the bad food the […]

Holy crap, you guys!  I can’t believe with all the attention on what’s in fast food, the increase in diabetes and all the attention on this disease in childhood, America is STILL getting fatter! According to a new study,  a whopping two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, and obesity rates for children are […]

Well, today was Farmer’s Market day in Santa Monica.  I told you about those green veggies I tried the other day?  The first thing I did was to head over to that very same stall.  In case you go there, it’s called Coleman FAmily Farm.  I spoke to Bill, who I think is THE  Coleman […]

I went to my favorite farmer’s market last Wednesday.  I’m so excited that the good tomatoes and greens are out.   I always find SOMETHING I’ve never heard of and of course, I have to buy it and try to cook it…as per the instructions of the seller.I came across a huge stand that sold….no lie….8 […]

This was REALLY fun to make healthier.  I had to give some of the trial efforts to neighbors, as I would have eaten them all.  I was going for the right consistency, not chocolate flavor.  They ALL had that!  I admit it.  I can pass on just about any kind of cake or pie….except for […]

I try to eat pretty well.  I buy organic when I can..as long as it’s not $9 a pound more than the conventional kind and I frequent the farmer’s markets around town whenever possible.  Inow that fruits like apples have a ton of wax and pesticides on them, unless they’re organic, but I never knew […]